Since I was little, I have always loved to be in the kitchen, to eat a good meal, and to have a good laugh sitting around a table with people I love. My passion for food only grew as did I and in college, many days were spent learning about cooking and cooking meals for myself and my roommates. We would throw big Christmas dinners for our friends, I would have a warm quiche for breakfast while we reminisced about our nights out, and cook date night meals for myself and my now husband.

After college, I moved to Chicago and then to Milwaukee where my husband and I spent the majority of our free time eating our way through the city. I didn't need new clothes, I wanted that moolah to go towards inspiring meals!

We unexpectedly moved back to my hometown for my husband’s career and we bought our first house. As we settled in, I enjoyed having a kitchen to cook in again and to have a dining room to host get togethers. I was finding myself cooking, baking, and discovering what type of ingredients I gravitated towards. As meals were shared, I often would get asked for the recipes or to remake a dish…which I could not do because I was just creating; not writing down a single measurement.

Fieldside Food was created in order to document the appetizers, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that I created with love for my loved ones. Hopefully, you can take these recipes to be inspired to share similar memories around the table with the people you love as well!



Visit the Fieldside Food blog to fill your mind with different dish ideas or gather a few great, unique recipes- Grab a napkin, because your mouth is sure to start watering!




Want to host a fun dinner party with loved ones? Have a bridal shower, baby shower, or birthday celebration coming up? Oh yeah, don't forget that holiday meal around the corner. Reach out and I would love to assist with the food for your special occasion! You can stay out of the kitchen and be where you belong, at the party!



Thank you so much for stopping by! I live in my house nestled in Northeast Wisconsin with my husband Jason, my son Theo and dog Hank. We often host brunches, dinners, and game day parties with loved ones. Even five course meals for taste testing! Why do I love cooking and hosting so much? It is all about those moments when we are gathered around a table with a loved one in each seat. There is a plate of delicious and nourishing food in front of us, warming scents fill the air, and we are all sure to take our time with each bite because we are having way too much fun sharing love, laughs, and insights for the memories to be contained within a thirty minute time period.

What is my ultimate dream? To create that moment as often as possible. I would love to have a little barn where I could host get togethers such as brunch with yoga, baby and bridal showers, holiday celebrations, and dinner parties to just get together and catch up. Who is on the guest list? It could by my friends and my family but ideally, it’d be people just like you, whom I get to know and help create those memories for…without you having to be the one with the oven mits on.

Until that day comes, these Fieldside Food recipes can be the bridge connecting our dinner tables!

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"making creative food & great conversation."